Owls Are Howling 
Whether part of the Mexican cartel
Or your story written in the rocks
But still life finds a way with us
We're the kids who've been buried in the dust

Sleepy small town motel murder
Or South Central midnight
We're all wounded souls in the field hospital
That's why chiefs would have liked to kill us all
Come with me, we lead you to a better place to be

Thick black smoke, hot enough to bake bread
Lizards didn't see that asteroid comin'
What's our excuse?

Owls are howling
Join us, we're not drowning
Black crows flying
Neon lights blinking slowly and dying

Swimming multitude of dopes
Do you wanna know a secret, follow us to the Midwest
'Cause the wings are not what they seem in Motown North End
With the meanest machine to the next safe city by the sea
Only the dead have seen the end of the war

Chicks With The Flips
So hard to see
Jailbait or seventeen
Doesn't really matter to me
Rollin' on the streets
With the Globe or DC
Doesn't really matter to me

Think less, live more
Don't look back, dude
You're not going that fuckin' way
Skate or die - headbangers still alive!

Can't you see how I'm hurting
Can't you see how I'm aching
Won't you please me, won't you baby (Won't you please?)

Oh China Banks and Flushing Meadows Park
Really fuckin' done them all
Palais De Tokyo, the stairs of Täby Mall
Scored Swedish chicks with the flips

Hard To Breathe 
All the years we've known each other
Are fading away
Like roots bounded together
But under the ground you can't last forever
It's so hard to breathe
My heart stops to beat
Every time your phone starts to beep

It's the last long summer with you
I know that you can see me through
Someday all the lies I've told, all the girls I've known
Will betray me soon
Why so hard to breathe?

Singing by the bonfire
Hot midsummer, I'm still smiling
With friends though my soul is secretly crying
Your lovin' eyes, the worst sight
I don't earn you though I love you
Hoppin' on the bike and disappearing into the night

Liquid Lunch
It tastes like coke in the heat
The battery strike, running up all night
Suffering cold blooded whiskey bite
Let's get this over with now
Hands really shake from the weight of the plates
Highland on the rocks, bedroom-hidden-tapes

Hey what you're gonna do?
What you're gonna, when this son of a bitch tries to bite you and stab your back?

Come on, I made a liquid lunch
Sit down and take a punch
We're gonna make it through the night if we just
Make love, and taste the heat
Don't let it get too real
There's miles of teenage wasteland around of us

Who the hell do you think you are?
Ran through this town too many times
Insomnia turns liquid thoughts from shadows to the light
Sharing this story from the blind spot of your mind
Need to check that re-run all over again
See me staring back, mirror above your bed

This Is How We Say Goodbye
Fuck the world, just you and me 
Smokin' cigs and livin' free
Let the engine roar
On the saddle I'll make you moan

How beautiful this life can be?
Pack of beer and some good weed on the list
Sixteen hundred horses and pairs of jeans
Gasoline, boots and scarves - all I need

This is how we say goodbye
Last night on the road till we die
Party all night long
Drinkin' whiskey till dawn

Playing the good old song
Vicious lane in Hong Kong
My guitar cracks in the pressure
Nights in the pack - no more a treasure

My Medicine Woman

Lying next to you
Apologies but I really have to go now
Draw my boots back on
Roll a joint and run into the night
Oh please, fortune teller
How about bringin’ me some answers
Is that a sign something will happen
Terror strike or disaster

Rocket and bombs
Nightmares comin’ after my sun
Into sex madness
In bartender’s crash test
Wishing well full of poison
Oh won’t you heal me, my medicine woman

What you say now?!
Is that necessary to complain?
All the time and all around
You really got my nerves wreckin’
So won’t you shut your mouth
Or do I freakin’ have to make it happen’
Remember that I’ve got the hash
Carry weapons coz’ I always carry cash

Navy Blue

We live under the Northern sky
We'll give everything tonight
You've walked a long road
But there's now place like home
Like Bobby At Marketplace
You're the king of lions
Listen the jungle blues
There's your name on the news
Who are you?
Navy Blue
Time to shoot
No change to lose
One for the city
One for the team
Who are you?
White and blue
Strikin' back and gonna score
Taste the heat once and you'll want some more
You're a true legend walkin'
From the door the night is calling    
High-Class Addiction

Wild life appetite always turns out to be the one for me
Feels like I’m in love for the first time;
Satin curtains and broken clocks
Empty fast-food boxes all around
All my best friends in living room to be found

Expensive, fancy toys – maybe just fast enough
Champagne for the boys – life ain’t fair
Bring the escorts in, sleeping the days and stay awake all the nights

I’ve got addiction to all that shines
I’ve got addiction to blurred lines
There’s a reason to be alive
We call it High-Class Addiction, baby!

Fashion magazines and tattoo parlors
Gothic models all around
Haven’t seen the daylight after August
Haters hate but the fans just love
Been away through the winter time, travelled again all over the world

But when the spring time comes
I will hang around with the First Cruise Coupe
Life ain’t fair
Now bring the escorts in 
Sleeping the days and stay awake all the nights

I don’t know why, I think I have to lie
I’m not prepared to die, baby we’re going down!
No easy way out; liars, martyrs gonna drown
Boarding, surfing, chillin’ away all the pain…

On A Winning Streak

Trained so hard through the winter
Travelled around the country
Waited for this moment to come when suddenly we all becoming one
A storm is rising from the north, the stars are shining up above
The masters of the western coast are heading finally back home

We’re gonna score so listen up the beat
Raise from your seats – we’re on a winning streak!

We’re going for the gold
The boys are back in town
Always on the run, YEAH!

Packing our bags again
Slept well and ready for next step
Stakes are gettin’ higher while it’s colder
August almost gone
Final moments of this season
There must be a secret reason
Why we fight for each other’s, party brothers
This is who we are!


Oh please forgive me, what I did to you
And please forgive me that I let you go
But I want you to know I did all that for money
I’ve made this world a better place to live

Yesterday – it seems to be so far away
Yesterday, she realized finally the price she pays!

Hey honey, you should know by now
Honey, that we’re hanging upside down with you
The ticking time bomb leads us to the final rush
Out from the cellar; once and for all

I spread gypsy style romance all around
Wanna kiss the bottle, make a new recipe
The night is so warm that I’m out of control
Just a boy behind the blue eyes with a girl
Tonigh – there’s gonna be a riot!
Cause I came for the money
And taste the powder – we’re so out…
Out, out of line!

Knock Yourself Out!

I’ve been fooling everyone, have turned the worlds upside down
Lots of burning bridges behind
Have you ever been in love so bad, that you could kill to make it last?
Livin' on a thin line, rattlesnakes crawling up
Lovers in the cinema, planning their dirty tricks
Ripping up the satin curtain, for the next big thing
From Stockholm to Oslo, sold-out in Soho

Primal animals on the road, through the heartbreaking night until we’re broke
What a blast, you knew that it couldn’t last
I’m dying to say that we’re living too fast
And after all – we had nothin' but a good time!

Parties like there wouldn’t be tomorrow
VIP’s for the guys like Craig Barlow
What do you think, how come there's no sorrow
Call it total recall of mind, baby
Bragging all the friends this pure madness
Watch out! It’s all true more or less
Fucked up! But can’t remember it
Highway’s calling up for the next step

Could you realize, that we’re running out of luck it’s like cyanide
Rock on! What the hell is going on?
Breaking all the rules, not interested of giving loose
Boom boom boom! Under city lights getting high
Suck it up and try to hide, it’s anarchy – wild side!
Climbing up the highest mountain, all the way the bluest fountain
Going home alone, there’s no one there

Too perfect night

I’m walking down the beach and having the first corona
And I can’t help myself, like a fox on the run, afraid when morning will come
Just bought a new boom blaster for the late night around the bonfire
The sand’s still burning my feet when you rip my boots off
And we’re melting together like cotton candies on the old flannel blanket
Honey don’t laugh cause you might be next
We’re the partners in crime we share the same bed

Baby read my arm
A pin up tattoo from the heart
Young lovers in the backseat of my car
The waves cracking from the dusk until the dawn!

Living after midnight, we can share this secret place together
Dancing in the moonlight, there’s stars above to guide - more than meets the eye
Beautiful lies, a way too perfect night to die!

Glitter through the darkness, above the sky
My, oh my… A way too perfect night to die!

Listen up we’re on the radio, on the stereo, gonna let it go, chemical pretty baby
Don’t back down now, we’re on our way to the top
Wankers cruising with their wagon, leaving tracks all over the sand
They think they gotta new brand
But we’re already leaving with my friend’s water jet
We’re hitting through night just to catch up the happy hours, YEAH!

Dorian Gray

I've seen you, when you were younger 
Golden curly hair flowing down under
You were shining like a pearl in the garden
Despite all those vices, you were doing
Threw your coins to the wishing well 
Gave your little finger to the devil!

"Up in the attic, a secret hiding place" 
Paintwork shrouded well, the pictures straight from hell
Pretty from outside on the silver screen
But rotten from inside, a modern-day heartbreak
Broke the pile of hearts, is that what you want?
I'm gonna die alone under the bloody torns 
The twisted face of Lord Dorian Gray

Maybe, I ruined your life, didn't mean to hurt you
Though I knew what I was doing
All our friends saw through me but you believed everything I said
One night changed everything It was the last time I did breath you in
Stick the knife to the painting!
And they found you from the attic with a stabbed, bloody heart

Eyes like the ocean sky

She's gone insane and that's a good thing 
Got nothing but the high-heels on her feet
I bet she's a real love machine

Let's revel all night long together
90' kid with the hopes and cosmic dreams
Can you see our stars flashing so brightly?

Hot sand burns my feet, down in the park - that's where we meet
Hot skins melted together, the barrel strikes out now and forever
Hot milk, we're in danger to drown, this is what you call fuckin’ messing around!

I'm runnin’ wild in the August night, craving for those blue eyes like the ocean sky
Action heroes dead but you see we're still breathing
The sun creeps down and tries to hide; I'm here for the blue eyes like the ocean sky
The shooting stars are gone, the rain of fall has driven away them all
She’s got blue eyes, like the ocean sky
Spend the night in a phone booth for the booty call
Surrealistic underground dreams after all
Cause we both used to party like rock n’ roll stars

The rainy Soho night walking
The curtain of summer is falling
Your glory hole peep show still warming... me up

She’s coming down from the heaven
Just to turn me loose
She’s coming down from heavens just to turn me loose

Yesterday’s news

Oh I don’t know, how I ended up being like this
Wasted years, the tears are falling
Just a little sigh from your lips
The sky painter from the horizon
With the surfboard under his arm
Leopard patterned bikini
Over this glitter-shined sight
I know I should have spent more time with you darling

When your dreams are out of sight
Push yourself on edge and fight
For your life and you will find
The answers you’re looking for
When sun goes down and moon comes up
When we’re running out of luck
Why don’t we just give it up?
They’re coming after
So catch this moment like never before, do it now – not later
Nobody on the beach
Waterline I cannot reach
They say you’re gone in the yesterday’s news

She’s gliding away, further away from the shore
Still happily waving and smiling
Like an angel on the core
Hairspray dripping with the raindrops, completely blinding my eyes
When the ripped off jeans get dyed red
I wake suddenly in my bed
Was it a dream or just a spiritual game?!  

I just opened the morning paper
Saw your name there in obituary notice      
Late night backstabbing and the gypsies leaving the crime scene with their boots on...

Half-price murder, double-price coke

He doesn’t know what to do with you (NO NO!)
You just gotta find it out because you’re going down in blue
It doesn’t matter how you like to pay or to say or to prove you’re on your way
Everybody feels spite cause the girls and the boys are tied all around his little finger

Blow me and put your lights on
And do remember, your virginity is gone!

He offers it all – half-price murder, double-price coke
It’s on sale, so hurry up and get your own – half-price murder, double-price coke
They really crave it – half-price murder, double-price coke
But they don’t really want to pay it and that’s why you awfully fucked up!

Night falls down but the backyard ally shines like the new born baby
Deep shadows walking in, everybody seems to win, everyone but the fragile lady
Laying down in the pond, daddy’s little blond, her soul sold out to eyes without a face
Give a goodbye kiss, give a little bliss, when the sun comes up she’s gone without a trace

Lovers in the dreamland

Like a fallen angel you came to my life 
When I first saw you, it felt so right and we had everything even a child
We grew together, spent days in bed and stayed awake the nights that’s all you ever need to get
Two broken parts built up to one perfect masterpiece
Oh no, I’ve got no place to go
We were lovers in the dreamland
But now I’m fallin’ in and out of love again
Oh no, don’t tell me that it’s over baby
I’m bleeding in the dreamland
And we lost it all, please forgive me

After the hurricane falling there was no turning back
The fast-rolling runaway train could never be stopped, or could it?
It tore the masterpiece and ran over our secret hideaway
I’m heading to the dreamland with the new perfect,
drowning, liquid, fluid, deadly, gentle, mellow, bootilicious
sweet, soft, fully-figured, silky, cuddly, complete escort
Scarlett Red 

It all began like a dream
But it turns out my dirty fantasy
She´s an actress from top of the world
But I turned her blue eyes to red. 

In the midnight hour she cried more out of me
How was I supposed to know?
That my love was like a drug to her
And I guess she believed my stupid stories
She’s rich and famous and I know
She says you´re all I need.
Hey hey hey, what’s you gonna do with Scarlett Red
Hey hey hey, only this one night to prove you’re right to her
Hey hey hey, I can’t believe she chose me over everyone else in the world
And now I’m covered with love there’s nothing better than watch her slowly going down

Now she´s after me with a loaded gun
Better run and hide cos I’m almost done
All the sudden I feel the morning sun
Open my eyes and realize she’s forever gone 

You’re only dreaming cause you had tons of dope yesterday, my friend

Hanging with the boys

Leave all the worries… behind
Let it be, cause we’re rollin’ together again

I don’t need to save the world today
We don’t need but to be, but to reach the stars tonight
There’s no change to fall down, my friend
And I, I’m having the time of my life, with my favorite allies tonight

We’re hanging with the boys in the downtown bar
Hours go by
I’m on the road again
We’re hanging with the boys in the downtown bar
Days go by
I’m the wildest thing on Earth

My girl, don’t be so mad for me
We’re only letting some steam, the sky is open for us
There’s no place to hide tonight, my friend
Cos we, we’re having the time of our life, with my favorite gang tonight  

I happen to know a cool place to hang out in so let’s get crazy

New York Broke My Heart

The city was cold, but the girls were so hot
I knew what they got, that’s a lot
So I met her at the bar - and she told me that she wouldn’t break my heart

We danced and had a great time
We drank some more and left before the dawn, then I woke up
And realized she was gone - So I guess she was telling me a lie

New York broke my heart
How could she be so cruel and evil?
Rotten apples taste still in my mouth
Cos she broke my heart, New York broke my heart           
And now she’s gone forever, we can’t be together   
Cos she broke my heart, New York broke my heart

The only thing I could find, was a little piece of paper
All my stuff were gone, but she wrote me
“Thanks for the evening, I hope you don’t mind
That the girl named New York broke your heart”

Now I’m crying out loud, wining like my little sister
But that’s not my fault, and I now
That one day I will find her and I will revenge her
Then I’ll truly break her heart 

You thought it was gold 

It’s hard to face the quietness
That’s why I make my own riot
You’re all alone, they left you behind
And after all, they left you to pray some more

It’s hard to hear the silence
That’s why I keep screaming around
No light, in the end of the hole
And no rewards, you have to pay all you got

A girl in black robe smiles so fine
Makes you feel alright
A pretty little thing like you
He’s after for someone you know

Bad business,
Empty promises,
I’m the master of disguise
And I’m on my way to hell

It’s not easy to walk this road
One misstep and you’re gone
All for one, you thought it was gold
And after all, you stayed just to pray some more 

College night out

I wanna go to school for the rest of my life
Dance my ass of every night, ain’t that just all right
Thirsty Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, Trouble Thursday baby
Freaky Friday, Sick Saturday that’s the way it always goes

Don’t you say another word honey, don’t you worry, because tonight there’s a party party party!
Where are you sweet little three hole killer queens?
Let’s dance all night, and we know that everything is gonna be all right
There’s no tomorrow so get crazy now
DJ, bring it on! There’s no need to fight tonight

I wake up next day from the couch, go pick a pizza and back to my house
 What if I bunk a whole day long and then hit the road and play the beer pong
I’ve learned my lessons, got my grades, smart enough to score the babes
Hey all you geeks - hit the road, cheerleader time - go go go!

Why are you so mad about me?
It’s not my fault that you have to work around the fuckin clock just the get your ass fed
My job is party hard and get the chicks while you are slaving in the office, pal.
Man I love going to school!


Don’t you know that is okay?
To fool around with a reaper
Cos you’re only young and you gotta live fast cos you’re gonna die young
Hey take a look at that guy
He’s been here so long before us
Try to be cool enough cos he’s head is full of crack and I think he’s gonna snap

I’d like to give the long kiss goodnight but that’s only gonna make things harder
My angel screams so loud that I’m dying, from inside
Don’t let me pass out, don’t let me down

I’m so stoned that I can’t even recognize the trail of my fathers
I’m so stoned that I don’t know what the hell is going on
I’m so stoned that I can’t turn over, there’s a black hole waiting for me
I’m so stoned - I don’t know what I’m doing here

Don’t you say that you leave me?
I can’t go on without you
But I’ve heard your lies and if you’re gonna keep on then I gotta turn you in
I understand that it’s easy
To fool around with a reaper
It isn’t over now my days are shrinking fast let’s see who’s standing last

Room 964 (original lyrics written by Roxxxie Traxxx)

You lie down on the floor, it begins when you open the door (964)
You take a step out of the track, the crazy train never comes back
You start learning the new attitude, and you learn that with a silver spoon
You’ll make a trip to yourself, and you find yourself from hell
My madness is coming in bloom, but there’s no time to be crazy for the moon

Release the animal inside of me, break the chains and open the cage
Set me free, I have a wide open sky
That’s right - My flight starts when you die
And you will see, there’s no future for me

I’m dancing on the razorblade
And knocking to the heaven’s gate
I hate always swing on the edge
But I live my life in the jet-sets
Again I’m feeding my veins
Again I’m one with my bed
Soon I have the dates with death
I can’t stop and I couldn’t left
I’m walking on the one-way street, and this never-ending dead end it won’t let me breath

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking trough revolving doors
And spend my life in the same basement floors
I will never forget the moment when you caught me to your net
Now I lie down on my bed and everything goes red
It’s not crime to have your prime time
Pretty baby, you’re standing, next in the line

It’s not right time to blame, cause I’m on my way to the memory lane
You don’t need to back down now cause you’re already gone baby


She was born above the lucky stars
But yesterday’s ripping open all the scars
Drinking margaritas hiding midnight sun
She’s semi-good-looking all the good things are gone

There’s no place to run away with you…with you
Dust n’ bones, beds are burning leaving heavy smoke and set the night on fire… on fire

Leave the past life behind
Searching joy from the flashing lights
Open crowd fighting for human rights
Walk the line, follow the stars to guide

All the pretty places
Filled by the unknown faces
Everything there is by the sea
The semi-good-lookin’ thing fits in

The relief comes out from nowhere
The next famous ride, that ain’t right
She hides under the water
Don’t wanna breathe the open air

This is the last stop before the empty street
Chatting with the gutter even though she’s free
Walls coming down, this is her destiny
Send all the birthday wishes cause she’s gonna bleed

The World is yours

The endless ocean alone for me, starts to rise its head
Tells me the story, rips me out from my bed
On the other side of the world - I can’t hurt you anymore

A little child with the eyes of the Antichrist, gives me her hand
Just a white man in strange land, they can never understand
On the other side of the world - my time has come and I’m all alone

The world is yours, another new universe - open your eyes and see
The world is yours, I’ll send my message with a bottle through the wind
An ancient ferryman with his boat, leads my through the flow
I watch the yesterday sliding away, I’ve reborn again
On the other side of the world - somebody please atone my sins

Not a single place in the world, to escape from you
Every single whisper of wind, brings back the blue
Out of sight, out of mind - Good night the evil world

I’m all yours, another new universe - open your eyes and see
The world is yours, I’ll send my message with a bottle through the wind